It is with much gratitude and appreciation from the Coleman family that I thank Thrive at Home for their constant loving care of my parents, T and E. In particular, HJ for her tireless devotion to their care, 12 hour days, 7 days a week. I would like to thank her with this tribute: HJ, God has blessed you with extraordinary compassion for caring for others. You have graciously bestowed this gift upon both my parents, E and especially Mr. T. You gave them a level of safety, comfort, and dignity that often eludes us in our final days. But in doing so, you also have touched the lives of all of the Coleman family gathered here. I know that I speak for everyone in expressing gratitude and thanks for enriching the lives of the family during Mr. T’s difficult final days.I also ask that you replace the sorrow in your heart over the loss of Mr. T and focus on the joy within you, a joy that you have created, a joy that surpasses all other feelings on this earth because you have made a difference in the lives of people in need during their darkest hour. I know you are saddened by Mr. T' spassing, because you treated him like he was your own father, but you should be proud that you gave him comfort and dignity in his final passage through this life to reunite with E in heaven. I know both of them are together in heaven looking down upon us and smiling, and they want you, and all of us, to do the same.Thank you again for sharing your gift with our family. We are eternally grateful.