Finding a Trusted Care Provider When You Live Far Away

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Finding a Trusted Care Provider When You Live Far Away

Our elderly parents

The pursuit of the American Dream has flung many of us far away from our childhood homes leaving our parents left behind.  As the decade’s tick by, they’re suddenly, “not as young as they used to be”? Now that many of us are living in other times zones, we face the challenge of ensuring our elderly parents’ are safe in their own homes. That is where home care may be a good option for your parent(s) allowing them to age in place while keeping them safe and thriving.

My parents live far away, still within a mere 4 miles of where I grew up in Minnesota. Thankfully they’re managing everything on their own, after downsizing to a more manageable home in a 55+ development retirement community. Still, the well-meaning phone calls to me in the middle of a workday always make me hold my breath. Did dad fall? Is mom going to the ER?


How many times are they going out during COVID-19? Can I even trust them to wear a mask and gloves properly when they go to the store–it’s scary!  These phone calls are like dodging bullets of bad news but so far, so good. With the closest relatives (on my wife’s side) 275 miles away in Long Island, we are experiencing what many are challenged to do and do well. Our familial obligation to protect those who raised us and prepared us for the real world.

Finding care for Mom and/or Dad here in Northern Virginia (NoVa) can be a significant challenge of researching and guessing where to turn to for help. So much has changed in NoVa, even within the last 5 years as start-ups, big-box commerce, and expansion have boomed in this area– it is almost unrecognizable.

Our History

Even Thrive at Home has undergone a move further out to find the right fit. We left our Arlington office to find space in Fairfax City, centrally located for caregivers and clients who use us as a hub for quality private duty home care.

Northern Virginia is booming, and baby boomer children are looking to make sure parents are taken care of. Many parents are still residing in their childhood homes.  Even if your parents are not ready yet, it can be helpful to speak with a trained professional experienced in all things aging.


Our caregivers are well trained, caring, and compassionate. Often clients bond with a single caregiver who becomes an honorary family member. The caregiver liaises with adult children from Seattle to Springfield (the one in VA, naturally!)

How to find such a resource? What are the options, and costs? Call us, 703-383-9300, or email I would be glad to speak with you and I’ll tell you if you still have your Virginian accent.


Wishing you all the best, for health and happiness.


Shaun Servais

Director of Business Development

Thrive at Home