How Seniors can Rediscover their Zeal

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How Seniors can Rediscover their Zeal

Do you sometimes feel that years are just piling up and your gusto is gone? Thankfully, with a few conscious choices, you can improve your mental and physical well-being and get back in the driver’s seat. Here’s how to rediscover your zeal, even if you thought it was gone for good.


Learn a New Tune


Many people think you need to learn to play a musical instrument during childhood. Actually, even if you’ve never read a sheet of music or picked up an instrument before, you can not only learn to play a musical instrument as an older adult but also potentially reap important health benefits. It’s a great way to improve your dexterity and mental agility, enhance memory, reduce stress, and boost happiness. If you face physical limitations that prevent you from playing an instrument, you can still improve your well-being through music. Just listening to music offers some bonuses, like more relaxation, better self-esteem, and a happier outlook on life.


If you are able, consider learning an instrument such as the saxophone. Not only can you enjoy the perks of playing, but you can also take advantage of online lessons. It’s ultra-convenient since you can learn at home and as your schedule permits. When selecting the right saxophone for you, think about the size of the instrument you’ll feel comfortable using. Most beginners do best with a middle size, such as the alto sax. The saxophones that produce a higher sound tend to be smaller, but can be challenging to play pleasing tones. Larger saxophones, which play lower sounds, can be more difficult to handle physically. Woodwind & Brasswind offers a great selection of saxophones, and you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.


Spend Time with Mother Nature


Time in the great outdoors can provide many wonderful mental health benefits for seniors. According to the BBC, communing with nature can lower stress and anxiety levels, reduce your risk of depression, boost vitality, and put you in a better mood. There are some important potential physical benefits as well, such as lowered blood pressure, better cardiovascular health, and better immune system health. People who routinely engage in a natural environment even report more satisfaction in their lives overall.


There are many ways you can engage with nature. Consider gardening, hiking, or birdwatching.  You can even lounge on a park bench, read a book in your backyard, or take a leisurely stroll with your dog. If mobility is a concern, think about bringing nature to you with some easy-care houseplants. Not only do they add a natural element to your home, but they can also help improve your air quality by keeping it cleaner.


Become a Foodie


As we age, our caloric needs decline, and some seniors experience a reduction in their appetite. At the same time, Healthline points out that seniors need a balanced, nutritious diet. Poor nutrition can lead to decreased health and reduced energy levels. It becomes increasingly important to focus on foods rich in nutrition, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, low-fat dairy products, and lean sources of protein. Learn how to read food labels so you can ensure you’re getting the nutrition you need.


There are many reasons seniors stop eating well. Many seniors lose interest in food to some extent, but you can boost flavor by experimenting with herbs and spices. If you never played with cooking or recipes before, consider taking an online cooking class to get your feet wet. Making interesting, healthy foods convenient can also help seniors keep their diets on track. If you have trouble finding balanced meals you like, or you’re looking for things to grab on the run, consider some healthy convenience foods, like make-ahead dishes, soups, or casseroles.


Is it time to rediscover your zeal? All too often, seniors don’t realize that with a few alterations, life can be fun again. Think about making music, nature, and good food part of your lifestyle.  You’ll be happier and healthier with some smart, simple changes.