Sandwich Generation

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Sandwich Generation

If you are caring for your parent time and at the same time raising your child, you might feel as if you are stuck between this rock and a very hard place. This is referred to as the sandwich generation. There are lots of Americans between the ages of 40 and 60 years that are trying to balance this delicate act. It is not anything new. At some point, you were a kid, under someone’s care. It’s your turn to take care of someone as well. Caregiver burnouts are common. It can be more stressing if you are balancing between care-giving, your day job and perhaps some night classes somewhere.

Challenges Faced by the Sandwich Generation
There are many challenges that you are likely to face in this stage of life. Lack of time for your own self might be one thing you will have to contend with.

  • Financial Strain

Financial strains are certainly part of life at this stage. Your elderly parent may be having a frail health and constantly under medical care. They also may require some special amenities that old people need. On the other hand, your young ones also need school feels and lots of other needs.

  • Emotional Stress

As people get older, they might be somewhat hard to handle. Handling and understanding their needs might require some really smart approach. We all don’t want dull atmospheres at home. We thus always have to cultivate peace with them regardless of their fluctuating altitudes. Remember they are your parents after all. Children on the flipside can be troublesome in their own little ways. We love it a time. Sometimes it is draining.

  • Physical Stress

Jumbling between your workplace and home in a hurry to make sure you are there on time can be quite draining. Leaving your workplace in a hurry, beating the traffic jam, pick up kids from school, get home and prepare kids for the next day isn’t a walk in the park. If you get home and find your old parent needs some attention too, you may end up going to bed very worn out. This is what sandwich generation goes through every passing day. You, however, have to put all this behind that wide grin so that the home can still be warm despite the physical distress.

Cultivate Support 
So how are you able to put up a smile after all this hard work? Creating a supportive and creative interaction between the elderly and your kids can be very fulfilling. Shared outings and some really memorable experiences is the joy of the sandwich stage of your life. You can get ways by which the two can assist each other in their own small ways. Perhaps, the kids can always assist granny with her wheelchair and moving around. On the other hand, granny can assist the kids with homework.

From time to time, you can also look out for support from professional institutions such as homes for the elderly or a maid at home.

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