Deciding on Home Care

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Deciding on Home Care

Your loved ones staying in their own homes:

By far the great majority of people would like to remain in their own homes rather moving to a facility.  The problem is that they cant live on their own in a safe manner.  It then falls on the spouse or the family to manage the situation.  In many cases, the family and/or the spouse  cannot manage to provide the care that’s required for the senior loved on to remain in their own home.  Contacting a company such as Thrive at Home can solve this problem.  Thrive at Home will do a thorough analysis of the situation and locate the most appropriate caregiver that will allow the person remain in their home safely.   The challenge might be convincing the person that it is everyone’s best interests in  having a strange person coming into their home and help out.

Since the choice is between moving into a facility or remaining in the home, one would think that getting someone in to help would not be a problem.  It usually is difficult however and on occasion it just doesn’t work and the person is forced to move into a facility.   The topic of in-home care can be a difficult subject to broach since it means that the person is aging and losing some independence.

An objective third part professional such as a doctor can be brought in to help. Possibly it can be discussed at the next appointment.  The doctor can mention the risks and difficulties in remaining alone in the house without help.    A good way to introduce home care is on a trial basis.  Possibly have the caregiver come in for just one day for a few hours.   Having a caregiver to help around the house doesn’t mean that the family is trying to take away their independence. In fact the opposite is true.   With someone available to help with chores, shopping, driving, housecleaning and companionship etc the loved one can find that they are able to do more activities.