Cutting down prescription costs

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Cutting down prescription costs

Firstly make sure to know why you are taking a particular drug.

Is there an alternative to taking the drug –  such as a change in lifestyle?

If cost is an issue let the doctor know.  There might be a generic version of the drug that is equivalent. The doctor might also have samples of the drug available.   There are many “me too” drugs. Drug companies often make a similar drug to an existing drug made by another company.  The newest drugs are usually more expensive and also more likely to be prescribed.  Find out if the older version of the drug could be used instead.

See if there is a trail size available.  Sometimes a patient can have an adverse reaction to a drug.  You dont want to waste money on a whole supply if you cant use the drug.   For those patients taking a maintenance drug i.e.,  a drug taken for a long period of time, try to buy the drug in 90 day  supplies. Buying in bulk saves money and is more convenient. Another option is to ask the doctor if it safe to split the pill in half if prescribed at double the dosage.

Online pharmacies can often save money.  Make sure to look at buying drugs online only from a legitimate online pharmacy.  Use online pharmacies with the “VIPPS” seal (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site). The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s website at lists legitimate online pharmacies.   Some drug companies offer medications either free or at a reduced rate through programs such as the Partnership for Prescription Assistance at The internet is a great resource for finding our about different programs and to learn about the medications themselves.

For those people already in a facility, it might be less expensive to purchase medications directly and have them delivered rather than using the facilities pharmacy.  Certainly check with the facility first.    As with most products, shopping around can save money. There is a great difference in prices from business to business and its worth making a call to find out.