Safety Upgrades for the New Way of Aging

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Safety Upgrades for the New Way of Aging

For seniors today, independence is the new trend.  Instead of moving into nursing homes or assisted living facilities, seniors are deciding to age in place and keep their freedoms and independence. But choosing to stay at home comes with more risks and responsibilities. Luckily, seniors are becoming more tech-savvy and there are many helpful and effective ways seniors can age at home while still staying safe.
Here are a few safety upgrades that you should consider installing:
Smart Lights
To prevent falling or bumping into things in the dark, install smart lights. These lights can be programmed to turn on either on a schedule or when you enter the room.  There is even an option to turn on or off lights from your smartphone.
Medical Alert System
When living on your on, it is wise to set up a system that is informed or can be contacted in case of a fall or accident where you might not be able to reach your telephone or cell phone.
A medical alert system provides help in seconds, and in an emergency seconds count.
Monitored Smoke Alarm
If a fire happens when you are either asleep or not home, a fire could be happening and you wouldn’t know.
A monitored smoke alarm detects when the smoke alarm has been set off and calls you. If you don’t answer,  the system will alert the fire department.
Stove Shut-Off
A sensor on the stove senses if someone has been attending the fire. If no one has been around for an extended period of time, the stove will automatically be shut off.
This is a crucial and very effective way to prevent fires in the kitchen.
Planning and preparation is essential for staying safe, and keeping you independence by living at home can be easier and safer than ever!

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